Our Services

Technical and Pre-Opening Services

* Recruitment, training, development, sales and marketing, systems implementation / SOP, operational budgets and long term financial projections are all encompassed during this phase.
* We provide technical assistance in the developmental phase of each new hotel to ensure that it conforms to International Operational Standards, Health, and Safety, Mechanical and Engineering, IT, Licensing as well as professional advice on design, concept and development.
* The hotel's utilities, facilities and operational team are subjected to full tests to determine their tolerance levels, serviceability and effectiveness to day-to-day operations. Week-by-week tracking, working closely with owners and representatives, ensures that owners are fully informed on progress of all pre-opening activities, thus ensuring a seamless, on-time/on-budget opening. This service terminate son the day the hotel is fully opened to the public.

Post-Opening Services

Full Management Contact: Patterson Dove Hospitality Limited will take over and be responsible for the day-to-day management of the hotel based on a pre-agreed contract. This can be under a major brand, subject to owner and property.
Lease Management Contact: Patterson Dove would lease on a turn-key basis.
Consultancy: Patterson Dove also acts as hotel consultants to investors and foreign hotel management firms. We look after the interest of our clients as we offer limited and full consultancy services to the extent of their needs within the hospitality industry.


Why Choose Patterson Dove to Manage Your Hotel ?

Hotels, and indeed the service industry in general, are one of the most complex businesses to run, especially so in today’s fast changing environment. It is common to be deceived into thinking it’s just a question of opening your hotel, putting the lights on and the customers will come flocking to the door. Today’s clients are more discerning than ever, becoming more aware of what to expect and as such, standards of product as well as guest care, have to be at the highest standard of delivery. Moreover, achieving these high standards is one thing while maintaining it is quite another… That’s Patterson Dove
 Management of hotels means you have to be a wine connoisseur one minute, lift engineer the next, accountant, yield manager, food critique next – this list is endless. Having the knowledge and ability to do this comes down to decades of experience, gained through firsthand experience of training in multiple departments. The emphasis is also on people management. With the hospitality industry having always been and always will be labour intensive, managing the team is the key to the success of the business. Well trained highly motivated personnel will do an outstanding job, enhancing the customer experience, with a direct reflection on increased sales and profitability… That’s Patterson Dove.
 In the hotel industry, there is no such luxury as being able to “sell it tomorrow”. An empty hotel bedroom tonight, means that opportunity has been lost. The hotel bedroom product we offer for sale is perishable. That empty hotel bedroom last night can never be sold again. Thus, it is critical to exercise all the factors required to ensuring maximum yield each and every night. Industry leading Sales and Marketing, to product delivery, with superlative cost controls, maintaining the highest standards of guest care, ensuring that guests return,
again and again… That’s Patterson Dove.

We Provide the Best Service in The Industry