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Our goal then and now is to provide quality on-time projects

Welcome to Patterson Dove Hospitality Limited


Patterson Dove Hospitality Limited is a management
consultancy company incorporated under Nigerian Law to
conduct business in the global hospitality industry.
Patterson Dove has been established to provide
professional and effective services to the growing
hospitality industry.

Areas Of expertise

We firmly believe in quality, not quantity, and thus at PDHL we
undertake our own in-house due diligence “match-maker” exercise to
ensure that properties reach our standards both physically and
commercially, prior to agreeing to provide our services.

Pre Opening Services

We provide technical assistance in the developmental phase of each new hotel to ensure that it conforms to International Operational Standards, Health and Safety, Mechanical and Engineering, IT, Licensing, as well as professional advice on design, concept and development.

Post Opening Services

Patterson Dove Hospitality Limited will take over and be responsible for the day-to-day management of the hotel based on a pre-agreed contract. This can be under a major brand, subject to owner and property.

Consulting to Owner/Investor

Patterson Dove also acts as hotel consultants to investors and foreign hotel management firms. We look after the interest of our clients as we offer limited and full consultancy services to the extent of their needs within the hospitality industry.

Our Story So Far

Best Western GRA Port-Harcourt


Best Western Plus, Enugu


Best Western Plus, Ibadan


Best Western Plus Elomaz Hotel


Best Western Plus Mydas Hotel


Our Management Team

Over 60 years combined global experience

Jonathan Patterson

Managing Partner

Olatunde Oluloye

Managing Partner